Episode 3

Protecting Your Active Directory From Most Common Exploits

Published on: 15th June, 2022

Charles Commins is joined by One Identity’s Active Directory Management and Security Team Lead, Dan Conrad and Principal Strategic Systems Consultant at Quest Software, Bryan Patton to explore the most common Active Directory exploits, why they happen and what you can do to prevent them from happening.

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About the Podcast

Better Together
With thousands of organizations using Microsoft software solutions, One Identity and Microsoft have come together to make Zero Trust Active Directory Security within reach.

Cybersecurity starts with identity management. For CISOs and other IT security leaders, this is at the forefront of their minds as they seek solutions to prevent breaches and enable Zero Trust.

This podcast series focuses on how Microsoft and One Identity solutions work together to create a Zero Trust security model.

Hear from security experts who are working to make security Better Together.

For more information visit oneidentity.com/bettertogethersecurity